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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Just when you thought Bush's ratings were going into the dumpster, who should come along to bail him out but good old Osama. The new tape came out and Bush has been prancing around all day long, proud as punch under the cloak that Rove wove (see blog of 12/23/05). Now for those who don't think things like this ever just go down by accident, well hold that thought. This happens to fit very neatly into the theory that communications have been passed back and forth between Bush and Osama through the Bin Laden family for some time now (see blog of 8/19/05). If so, this latest "favor" on the part of Osama suggests that we will continue not to be able to track him down, and, in return, we will also continue not to have any terrorist acts committed on U.S. soil.

If it is true that a deal such as this has been put together, it is possibly the smartest thing and maybe the only real smart thing that Bush has done. Of course Osama is a monster who deserves the cruelest of punishments, but just consider the alternatives. Consider the impact on this nation if terrorist acts were to paralyze our transportations systems and our communications, taint our food, blow up our malls, and possibly infect us with biological hazards. Recall, for a moment the panic that occured on 9/11 and the false rumors that had everyone in the country looking toward the sky and living in fear. And, let's face it, 9/11 was only a small operation. Imagine how bad it would be if the terrorists, after years of planning and positioning, actually launched a multi-pronged attack of monumental proportions. To say that the economy would collapse would be a major understatement. Further, does anyone really believe that the Department of Homeland Security can protect us....protect our borders.....protect our ports....protect our nuclear plants....and protect the hundreds of other major potential terrorist targets? From what's been reported, it's clear that our government itself doesn't believe it.

No, if there's been a deal done, then hooray for the President........ But then, what happens after he leaves?...............


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